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Global Health Community Partner Program

At PAHO/WHO FCU, we know that you and your employees aren’t left with much time for yourselves - that’s why we’ve developed the Global Health Community Partner Program. At no cost, you can enhance your employee benefits package, enabling your employees to join the credit union and start their journey to financial wellness.

Through electronic and print channels, as well as on-site events, we can introduce your employees to the credit union and the many ways we help members achieve a bright financial future. We’re excited to bring that level of dedication to you and your family of employees and co-workers.

What You Do Matters

Add PAHO/WHO FCU to your employee benefits package and we’ll help your employees live better, healthier financial lives, including: 

  • Free Wellness Benefit: Free financial wellness programs available to help your employees live healthier financial lives.
  • Onsite Experiences: We call these table days. It’s really a fun-filled way for us to share some financial tips with your employees – to help you encourage engagement and productivity.
  • Educational Workshops: Our Financial Wellness Matters workshops cover topics such as how to get the best deal when buying a car, find and finance a house, estate planning, cyber security, and more.

Contact Patrick Gannon to learn more.

Patrick Gannon
Business Development Manager
202-974-3453 x4453