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Opening a PAHO/WHO Federal Credit Union Savings Account makes you a member of the credit union. A deposit of $5 is all it takes to open your account. As long as you maintain a balance of $5 or more, you'll earn dividends.  Dividends are calculated on the average daily balance and paid monthly.

Opening Your Account in Person

If you open your account in person, be sure to bring:

  • Government-issued photo ID (to comply with the USA PATRIOT Act).
  • Proof of eligibility in the form of a copy of your PAHO contract, PAHO staff number and a copy of your passport or ID card from your country. If you're eligible for membership through a family member, please have your sponsoring family member complete a family eligibility card and bring it with you when you open the account.
  • A check for at least $5 (or that much cash).

You may complete the application and bring it to the branch.

Opening Your Account by Mail

Print out and complete the membership application. (Be sure to sign it.) If you don't have a printer, call us at (202) 974-3453 or (866) 724-6328, fax us at (202) 659-4513 or e-mail us and we'll send you an application. If you're in a PAHO Field Office, you can obtain an application (which you can then return by pouch) by contacting the credit union representative in your office or e-mailing us.

Send us:

  1. Your application
  2. IRS Form W-8BEN - if you are not a U.S. citizen or resident alien
  3. A copy of government-issued photo ID
  4. Proof of your eligibility (see "Opening Your Account in Person")
  5. A check for at least $5

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