Mastercard Platinum Card®

This card comes with usual the Mastercard perks, all without any annual fees or balance transfer fees. A 1% foreign transaction fee does apply. This card can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, including contactless payments and as a way to consolidate debt. We also make it easy and convenient to manage your credit cards with the PAHOFCUCards app.



How to Apply

Simply download the Credit Card Application, fill out, and send via secure email to to get started. You are always welcome to deliver documents to our branch at Columbia Plaza, 506 23rd Street NW, Washington, DC.




Foreign Transactions Notice: If you effect a transaction with your Mastercard® in a currency other than US dollars, Mastercard® international Incorporated will convert the charge into a US dollar amount. Mastercard® International will use its currency conversion procedure, which is disclosed to institutions that issue Mastercard® cards. Currently the currency conversion rate used by Mastercard® International to determine the transaction amount in US dollars for such transactions is generally either a government mandated rate or a wholesale rate determined by Mastercard® International for processing cycle in which the transaction is processed, increased by one percentage point. The currency conversion rate used by Mastercard® international on the processing date may differ from the rate that would have been used on the purchase date or cardholder statement posting date.