3 Ways to Consolidate and Save

As a PAHO/WHO FCU member, you have the financial tools to plan ahead, including three ways to consolidate debt and save money every month. 

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Get Personal With Your Debt

Borrow up to $75,000* and use the money for anything, including consolidating debt. Then take up to 6 years to pay it back. All with no origination fees. Learn More

Build Your Credit and Save Money

You could save money every month when you transfer high-interest credit card balances to a new PAHO/WHO FCU Rewards World Mastercard with no balance transfer fees** or annual fees. Plus, you’ll earn 1.25 points*** for every dollar you spend. Your rewards points never expire and can be used whenever you want. Learn More

Be Your Own Lender With a HELOC

 A Home Equity Line of Credit allows you to tap into your home’s equity for interest-only payments for a full 10 years****. Borrow up to $500,000 with no application fees, no annual fees, and the option to pay down the principal with no penalty. Learn More

Get Your Financial Future Into Focus

Our mission is to help members of the global health community live better, healthier financial lives. Apply today and the monthly savings could start. We are here to help. Give us a call at 202.974.3453, or email lending@pahowhofcu.org




*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates based on credit worthiness. Not all borrowers will qualify for the lowest loan rate. Your actual rate, loan amount and term may vary and will be based on your credit history. Restrictions may apply.**Balance transfers do not earn points and rewards are only accumulated on new purchases. ***Reward points earned for every dollar spent on purchases only. Please contact us directly for full details on eligibility, reward accumulation and redemption. Earned cash can be deposited into your credit union savings or checking account or may be used to make payments on a Mastercard balance. Redeem points in exchange for merchandise through CURewards.com and CURewards free mobile app. ****Restrictions may apply. Maximum LTV or CLTV = 90%. The monthly payments during the 10-year draw period are calculated based on the interest due on the outstanding loan balance. Borrowers may make principal balance payments during the 10-year draw period. Following the 10-year period, the required payment will be calculated based on the principal & interest (P&I) due to pay-off the HELOC balance over a 15-year amortization period. Home Equity loans only available on properties titled in the U.S. Equal Housing Lender