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Know Someone Who Makes the World a Better Place?

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Globies - Celebrating Service to the Global Health Community

For 70 years, PAHO/WHO Federal Credit Union has proudly served those who work tirelessly to build a better, healthier future for the global community. Even among those who put in the extra hours and devote years to the service of others, there are individuals who stand out. That’s why we’ve introduced the Globie Awards.

What are the Globies?

We strive to reflect the values of integrity, respect, and solidarity in everything we do. The Globies exemplify that commitment, and the dedication of those throughout the global health community, by highlighting individuals who make the world a better place. We need your help to find and honor those individuals.

Tell Us Their Story

As we celebrate our 70th anniversary over the next seven months, we’ll be taking nominations for individuals who are doing great work in the global health community. At the end of each month, we’ll select a Globie winner who will receive a $700 prize. We’ll also donate $1,000 in their name to the charity of their choice serving the global health community. In all, seven Globie winners will receive $4,900 in cash awards and $7,000 will be donated to charities doing great work.

Globies Winner | June 2019

Harold Ruiz Perez Castañeda

Nominated by a PAHO/WHO co-worker, Harold was praised for his commitment to his work and the kindness he shows toward those he meets on his consistently grueling travel schedule as a multimedia technician with the PAHO/WHO Department of Communications.

Even when filming in dangerous and sometimes hostile locations, Harold never brushes aside humanity or the needs of others. He’s the guy getting up at 2:30 AM to travel to a malaria screening location, sleeping on the floor amid a cholera outbreak to interview real people in Haiti, exposing the horrors of adolescent abuse and trafficking around the world, or buying and delivering a toy to a neglected child. His dedication has and continues to help others.

In addition to winning a Globies Award with his name on it, Harold has chosen Nueva Vida whose mission is to inform, support, and empower Latinas whose lives are affected by cancer to receive the $1,000 donation from PAHO/WHO FCU. And instead of taking the $700 prize for himself, he has selflessly chosen to give it to another of his favorite charities, La Clinica del Pueblo who mission is to build a healthy Latino community through culturally appropriate health services, focusing on those most in need.


Now, it’s up to you. Make your nomination for the Globie Awards