Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Life Insurance is now available for PAHO/WHO FCU credit and debit card holders.  Up to $500,000 coverage for as low as $20.80/month.
• Worldwide coverage with all-causes protection
• Open to active PAHO/WHO FCU credit/debit card holders and authorized users
• Quick and easy online enrollment
• Program provides continuous coverage until age 71; enrollment between ages 18-65 
• No lengthy applications or medical tests required
Eligible members that are credit/debit cardholders will receive:

Cost /month





Click here to enroll or call 800-872-0067 ext. 1512 (US and Canada) or 202-872-0060
These insurance products offered:

  • Are not federally insured by NCUA
  • Are not obligations of the Credit Union
  • Are not guaranteed by the Credit Union
  • May involve investment risk

1 This life insurance program is made available to you by Clements Worldwide and certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London. These term life insurance coverage amounts are only available to active PAHO/WHO FCU Debit and Credit cardholders in good standing. Enrollments for these limits are only open to PAHO/WHO FCU Debit and Credit cardholders between the ages of 18-65 who are in good standing; however, enrolled members may maintain their coverage until age 70. Policy will expire upon insured’s 71st birthday.
2 This program does not cover the following: Nuclear, Chemical, or Biological Terrorism. ii) Commission or attempted commission of any illegal act including but not limited to felony by the insured. iii) Death resulting directly or indirectly as a result of suicide, attempted suicide, intentionally self-inflicted injuries or deliberate exposure to exceptional danger (except in the attempt to save human life v) Death as a result of insured’s participation or involvement in acts of war and/ or terrorism. This Policy does not cover death arising directly or indirectly from an illness within the first 6 months of policy inception. Thereafter, death as a result of illness will be covered subject to policy terms and conditions. Should a death as a result of illness result during the first 6 months, then the premiums paid will be refunded.