ABA#: 254075072


The field of membership of PAHO/WHO Federal Credit Union shall be limited to those having the following common bond:

  • Employees of the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization in the Western Hemisphere 
  • Contractors and employees of contractors who work regularly under contract for the Pan American Health Organization or the World Health Organization in the Western Hemisphere
  • Spouses of persons who died while within the field of membership of this credit union
  • Employees of this credit union
  • Persons retired as pensioners from the above employment
  • Members of their immediate families
  • Organizations of such persons. Immediate family is defined as spouse, child, sibling, parent, grandparent, or grandchild. For the purposes of this definition, immediate family member includes stepparents, stepchildren, stepsiblings, and adoptive relationships.Household is defined as persons living in the same residence maintaining a single economic unit.

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