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Women holding photo of a stethoscope

About Us

Serving the Global Health Community

For just over 70 years, the employees of the Pan American Health Organization, the World Health Organization, the members of the global health community have put their trust in us. It’s an alliance we do not take lightly. It is our honor to ensure the people who put in the long hours and devote years of their lives to making the world a better place are given the tools they need to succeed personally and financially.

Helping Members Live Better, Healthier Financial Lives

Like those we serve who build a better, healthier future for the global community, we strive to reflect the values of integrity, respect, and solidarity in everything we do. It’s our goal to support the financial wellness of the global health community and meet each member’s unique financial needs – to help members everywhere create a better, healthier financial future for themselves as well as those they love and protect.

We understand that we are all in this together, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Who We Are
Get to know PAHO/WHO Federal Credit Union and how we help our members live better, healthier financial lives.
Become a Member
While the health and wellbeing of the world relies on the expertise and dedication of our members, they can rely on us for their financial needs. We’re proud to serve the employees and retirees of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), World Health Organization (WHO) worldwide, employees of any global health community partner employers, and any current member’s family (grandparents, children, and members of the same household, for example). Have questions about who can join? Call us!
We’re always on the lookout for energetic, smart, and focused individuals who enjoy working with others, helping people succeed, and learning something new each and every day.