The PAHOFCUCards App

Puts You In Control

All you need is the free-to-download PAHOFCUCards app* for your smartphone.  With just a tap on your smartphone you can:

  • Lock and unlock debit or credit cards 
  • Set geographic boundaries based on your location
  • Report lost or stolen cards
  • Dispute transactions and request full or partial refunds
  • Make payments and check your history 
  • See current credit card balances

Download the PAHOFCUCards App

This is a new app, separate from the PAHOFCU Mobile Banking app. Once you download PAHOFCUCards, open the app and select Enroll from the home screen. Then enter the information for your PAHO/WHO FCU debit and credit cards. Once you have a login, you can access PAHOFCUCards with your desktop, too.

Available for iPhone and Android

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*Data and other wireless provider charges may apply.