Contact Information



 *Information sent by email is at risk of loss of confidentiality if the information is transmitted over the internet. If emailing sensitive information please use our secure email system for your protection.


  • 202-974-3453 (Local)
  • 866-724-6328 (Toll-Free)

If you're calling from another country, first dial the AT&T access number for the country you're calling from (Tone, Directions, or AT&T Operator) and then dial this number.

  • 202-659-4513 (Fax)

Mailing Address

PAHO/WHO Federal Credit Union
2112 F Street, N.W., Suite 201
Washington, DC 20037-2761

Branch Office

Columbia Plaza, 506 23rd Street, NW, Washington, D.C.
(Directly Across the Street from PAHO Headquarters)

Hours of Operation: M, T, Th, Fri: 8am-3pm; Wed: 8am-1:30pm

Satellite Location

New Credit Union Satellite office at PAHO HQ – Room 201 

Tuesdays 12-2:30pm - Lending Department
• Consultations
• Loan Applications

Thursdays 12-2:30pm – Member Services Department
• Open an Account
• Update Account information
• General Consulting

To make an appointment please contact fcu@pahowhofcu.org

Shared Branch and ATM Locations

 ATM Locations

  • Directly outside our Branch in Columbia Plaza506 23rd Street, NW, Washington, D.C.
  • Pan American Health Organization (Lobby)525 23rd Street, N.W. Washington, DC
    (ID required to enter building)

Lost or Stolen Credit or Debit Cards

  • PAHO/WHO FCU Debit Cards Report lost or stolen cards to us to 866-724-6328 (During branch hours)
    Outside of branch hours, call 800-449-7728.
    For 24 hour cardholder service call 1-888-918-7710 For those outside the US please use these telephone numbers:
  • PAHO/WHO FCU Credit Cards Report lost or stolen cards to us at 866-724-6328 (During hours of operation)
    Outside normal hours of operation, call 800-449-7728.
    For 24 hour cardholder service, call 888-918-7710.
    For those outside the US please refer to these telephone numbers (PDF File, 68kb)


Name and Title Phone Extension E-Mail Address*
Miguel Boluda, Jr.
5586 mboluda@pahowhofcu.org
Shaun Ghaffouri
VP of Finance
5590 sghaffouri@pahowhofcu.org
Patricia Ilijic
Executive VP
5585 pilijic@pahowhofcu.org
Araceli Iraheta
Director of Compliance and Risk Management
5596 airaheta@pahowhofcu.org
Marella Nardotti
Director of Marketing and Administrative Services
5592 mnardotti@pahowhofcu.org
Rafael  Aneiva
Accounting Specialist
5591 raneiva@pahowhofcu.org
Wilbur Gil
Accountant I
5597 wgil@pahowhofcu.org
Esteban Arze
Lending Manager
5595 earze@pahowhofcu.org
Mark Isquith
Mortgage Loan Originator
5598 misquith@pahowhofcu.org
Gisella Lanzone
Senior Loan Officer
5587 glanzone@pahowhofcu.org
Alberto Meneses
Loan Specialist
5582 ameneses@pahowhofcu.org
Belinda Vasquez
Financial Services Specialist
5583 bvasquez@pahowhofcu.org
Soledad Casals
Member Services Supervisor
5581 scasals@pahowhofcu.org
Jairol Arias
Membership Associate
5584 jarias@pahowhofcu.org
Zark Lucas Puh
Membership Associate
5588 zlpuh@pahowhofcu.org
Yaribeth Hart
Membership Associate
5589 yhart@pahowhofcu.org

  Board of Directors

Name Title E-Mail Address*
Luis Proaño  Chairperson lproano@pahowhofcu.org
Isabel Vigil Vice Chairperson ivigil@pahowhofcu.org
Ricardo de la Torre  Treasurer rdelatorre@pahowhofcu.org
Ana Maria Falquez Secretary afalquez@pahowhofcu.org
Antonio Hernandez Director ahernandez@pahowhofcu.org
Eduardo Kalivoda Director ekalivoda@pahowhofcu.org
Christina Marsigli Director cmarsigli@pahowhofcu.org
Federico Ortiz Director fortiz@pahowhofcu.org
Luis Velasquez Director lvelasquez@pahowhofcu.org

  Supervisory Committee

Name Title E-Mail Address*
Tyson Kidder Chairperson tkidder@pahowhofcu.org
Deanna Ner-Mardirossian Member dmardirossian@pahowhofcu.org
Sylvia Schultz Member sschultz@pahowhofcu.org
Gloria Morales Member gmorales@pahowhofcu.org