Year-End Bonus Dividends Are Here

Our mission is to help members of the global health community live better, healthier financial lives. Part of that commitment is sharing in the success of the credit union and giving back an annual bonus dividend.

We're proud to announce that members have received their year-end dividend bonus based on interest paid on auto and home loans and earned on savings, checking and certificate accounts.

With one or more of these accounts throughout 2022, you will have received 8% of your dividends earned in 2022 on your savings, checking and certificate accounts as well as 6% on the interest paid on your loans*. You’ll find the dividend bonus in your primary (S1) account as of December 31, 2022. 

Earn More Next Year

The more you utilize the credit union, the more you can earn on your year-end dividend. If you had a home loan, certificate, and auto loan at the credit union, you could have earned hundreds of dollars in bonus dividends in 2022. The example below adds up to a combined total of $2,366.63 earned in 2022 dividends.


If You Had

 A Home Loan With Us

A Certificate With Us

An Auto Loan  With Us


$500,000 Home Loan

$250,000 Certificate

$20,000 Auto Loan

Rate and Term

6.00% APR for 360 Months

2.55% APY for 60 Months

5.50% APR for 60 Months

Bonus Dividend Earned in 2022





Giving Back Over $350,000

Your membership and belief in the credit union are what helps us grow to help even more members live better, healthier financial lives.  Want to earn more next year? Use the credit union for all of your financial needs.


*Dividend Bonus paid to members in good standing. Excludes interest paid on credit cards. More restrictions may apply . Bonus dividend calculation is 8% of dividends earned in 2022 on savings, checking and certificate accounts. Bonus dividend calculation is 6% on the interest paid on loans.